There are only 6 in the province! Sun Yat sen University and other universities plan to be approved

Recently, the Education Department of Guangdong Province announced that 6 colleges and universities will be approved to establish provincial IC talent training bases. Guangdong Provincial Department of Education will build a talent training base in the layout of colleges and departments with good foundation, large scale, distinctive features and strong guarantee for IC talent training. By integrating resources inside and outside the school, and focusing on the advantages of all parties, the base will be built into a provincial IC talent training highland, providing strong talent support for the development of IC and related industries.

It is reported that the six universities approved this time are South China University of Technology, Sun Yat sen University, South University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University, Guangdong University of Technology and Zhuhai Institute of Science and Technology.

At present, under the trend of localization, many domestic colleges and universities have set up integrated circuit colleges to alleviate the shortage of talents, including Sun Yat sen University and Guangdong University of Technology, which are approved to set up talent training bases this time. Although the other four approved colleges and universities have not been set up yet, they also provide talents for the development of domestic integrated circuit industry through the Institute of Microelectronics or related disciplines.

School of Integrated Circuits, Sun Yat sen University: Strive to achieve independent and controllable key core technologies

In February 2021, the School of Integrated Circuits of Sun Yat sen University was officially established, mainly serving the country's major demand for high-performance general-purpose integrated circuits and high-end special-purpose chips, and connecting with the microelectronics industry in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, especially in Shenzhen.

The Institute of Integrated Circuits will focus on manufacturing process, equipment, materials, design tools, packaging testing and industrial applications and other key links in the integrated circuit industry chain to carry out scientific research and tackle key problems, cultivate high-level professionals, provide strong support for the rapid development of the national integrated circuit industry, and strive to achieve the autonomy and controllability of the key core technologies of integrated circuits.

The college mainly constructs a new engineering discipline system around the field of integrated circuits, focuses on the construction of first-class disciplines in integrated circuit science and engineering, sets up undergraduate majors in microelectronics science and engineering, gathers first-class teams, and cultivates first-class talents.

School of Integrated Circuits, Guangdong University of Technology: Training world-class design and manufacturing talents

The College of Integrated Circuits (College of Microelectronics) of Guangdong University of Technology was officially established in October 2021. It aims to create a new college that meets the national strategic needs and cultivate world-class integrated circuit design and manufacturing talents through the advantages of integrated circuit teaching and research resources inside and outside the college.

According to the official website, the Institute of Integrated Circuits is a major measure taken by Guangdong University of Technology to implement the policy spirit of "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industries in Guangdong Province" and "Guangdong Strong Core Project". It has successively established joint innovation laboratories with Huawei, Quanzhi Technology, Yuexin Semiconductor, and five electronics institutes of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to jointly educate people through industry and education, and jointly cultivate integrated circuit design, manufacturing Testing and other innovative talents.

In the future, the Institute of Integrated Circuits will focus on building a first-class discipline of "integrated circuit science and engineering", which includes integrated circuit design and design automation (EDA), integrated circuit preparation technology, new semiconducting devices, integrated circuit packaging and reliability, and take a differentiated and characteristic development path, driven by the urgent need for the development of integrated circuit "choke" industry in Guangdong Province, We will promote personnel training and basic research throughout the integrated circuit industry chain.

School of Microelectronics of South China University of Technology: jointly build a joint training base with Huawei, Yuexin, etc

Founded in 2018, the College of Microelectronics of South China University of Technology is one of the first construction colleges in the Guangzhou International Campus of South China University of Technology and one of the first national demonstration microelectronics colleges (to be built) of the Ministry of Education.

The College of Microelectronics is committed to building joint training bases with domestic leading enterprises and research institutes, such as Huawei, ZTE, Guangzhou Yuexin Semiconductor, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to carry out research on core and key technologies in the field of integrated circuits and actively promote technology transformation, so as to achieve the deep integration of "learning, research, production and use". At the same time, we will implement the dual tutorial system of learning and enterprise, strengthen the comprehensive ability training of theory and application, and deeply promote the "production learning research" collaborative education plan.

To form a professional full chain covering "design manufacturing seal testing complete machine" of integrated circuit. At present, we are focusing on broadband communication chips, computing and artificial intelligence chips, low-power Internet of Things chips, the third generation semiconductor devices and chips, semiconductor materials and devices, flexible electronics, new quantum devices and other fields to carry out prospective basic application research and chip development, as well as application system research in communication, radar, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, medical health and other fields.

Shenzhen Hong Kong Institute of Microelectronics, Southern University of Science and Technology: jointly built laboratories with ZTE Microelectronics and Arm China

The goal of Shenzhen Hong Kong Institute of Microelectronics of Southern University of Science and Technology is to become an international, high-level and research-oriented world-class national demonstration microelectronics institute,

The college has built a first-class scientific research platform, micro nano process R&D platform and IC design and test platform, focusing on four research directions: integrated circuit design methodology, integrated circuit chip design, integrated circuit manufacturing and process, micro nano system and integration.

In the future, focusing on the semiconductor industry chain, we will strengthen core technology research and development and talent training, which will play a good supporting role in the development of the integrated circuit industry in the whole Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay Area, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, and even in the whole country.

It is reported that the College has not only signed cooperation framework agreements with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University, and the University of Macau in Dawan District, but also cooperated with well-known integrated circuit enterprises in the industry, such as ZTE Micro, Arm China, Guowei Group, Ziguang Tongchuang, Guodian Technology, etc. to jointly build laboratories and training bases, jointly train graduate students, and carry out cooperation in production, teaching, and research projects.

Shenzhen University: Cultivate high-level talents for regional integrated circuit industry

Shenzhen University mainly trains talents through integrated circuit engineering. It is reported that the degree of integrated circuit engineering of Shenzhen University was one of the first batch of awarding points of master's degree in integrated circuit engineering in 2006.

Relying on the leading academic team and scientific research conditions in the fields of signal and information system discipline and circuit and system discipline in the School of Information Engineering of Shenzhen University, mainly carry out engineering technology research in the two directions of integrated circuit system design technology, SOC and embedded system technology, commit to extensive industry university research interaction and cooperation, and cultivate compound high-level talents for the regional integrated circuit industry.

Zhuhai University of Science and Technology: The number of integrated circuit related majors ranks the third in the province

Zhuhai University of Science and Technology is the only private university approved to set up a provincial integrated circuit talent training base. The base is operated by the School of Electronic Information Engineering, established by relying on microelectronics science and engineering, and the training direction is integrated circuit design.

According to the relevant data released by the Provincial Department of Education, Zhuhai Institute of Science and Technology has 2 integrated circuit A+majors and 11 integrated circuit related majors. In terms of the number, Zhuhai Institute of Science and Technology ranks third in the number of integrated circuit related majors in colleges and universities across the province.

The Integrated Circuit Talents Training Base of Zhuhai University of Science and Technology will gather the advantages of multiple disciplines and specialties, cultivate application-oriented talents for the "three industries" of integrated circuits, and strengthen the training of design, expansion of seal testing and manufacturing talents; Attract from outside and cultivate internally, open and share, and enrich the teaching staff; Deepen the integration of production and education, and build a multi-dimensional collaborative education system for schools, industries, enterprises and research institutes.

Through the strategic deployment of building a sustainable integrated circuit industry chain, the Base will give full play to the advantages and characteristics of Zhuhai Macao integrated circuit field, cultivate high-quality integrated circuit application-oriented undergraduate talents with both hardware and software capabilities, and serve the development of integrated circuit industry in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, especially in the west bank of the Pearl River.