The first "Carbon Neutralization White Paper for Semiconductor Display Industry" in China

Recently, the White Paper on Carbon Neutralization of China's Semiconductor Display Industry jointly written by China Electronic Video Industry Association, the Resources and Environment Research Branch of China National Institute of Standardization and TCL CSOT Technology Co., Ltd., one of the leading enterprises in the global semiconductor display field, was released.

Semiconductor display, as a basic and highly driven industry in China and even in the world, its implementation of the "double carbon" goal and sustainable green development will play a huge demonstration and traction role in the entire electronic information industry and manufacturing industry.

It is urgent to implement the "double carbon" goal

In recent years, under the global wave of "carbon neutrality", the road of green and low-carbon sustainable development of the whole society has become the trend of the times. Reducing carbon emissions and achieving the "double carbon" goal to deal with climate change are gradually becoming a global consensus. The "double carbon" goal aims to curb the rising trend of temperature by reducing the impact of human activities on carbon in the atmosphere.

Globally, the carbon emissions of major carbon emitting countries and regions are increasing year by year. As the largest carbon emitter in the world, China will emit 11.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2021, an increase of 4% over 2020 and a quarter of the global total.

Pressure and opportunity coexist on the "carbon neutral" road of semiconductor display industry

At present, for China, which is still developing, achieving "carbon neutrality" is a broad and profound economic and social systematic change. The tentacles of "carbon neutrality" have rapidly extended to many key areas in China. The "carbon neutrality" road is not only a challenge of the times faced by the industry, but also a historical opportunity for enterprises to improve their competitiveness and achieve their own sustainable development.

The semiconductor display field is among them. China is the world's largest display panel production base and consumption region, and the semiconductor display industry is a particularly critical link to achieve "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization".

In the past 20 years, China's semiconductor display industry has achieved leapfrog development both in terms of supply capacity and technological innovation. By 2021, domestic investment in display panels has exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan; 39 TFT-LCD panel lines of 5 generations and above have been built, with an annual production area of more than 200 million square meters; At present, there are 17 AMOLED panel lines of 4.5 generations and above, with an annual production area of more than 13 million square meters. In addition, China has taken the lead in key technologies such as super large size, 8K ultra-high definition, flexible OLED, Mini/Micro LED, printing display, folding and extension.

Behind the rapid development of the industry, how to quickly integrate into the national green economy construction and achieve the goal of "double carbon" is an inevitable topic when the upstream and downstream enterprises of the semiconductor display industry chain formulate development strategies. The proposal of the "double carbon" goal has put forward new research topics for semiconductor display enterprises. As the main body of carbon emissions, enterprises have only two choices in this big change: one is to actively lead, the other is to passively accept. It is better to actively lead than passively accept. While the adjustment and transformation of industrial structure are facing pressure, it will also contain huge development momentum and potential.

The first White Paper on Carbon Neutralization of Semiconductor Display Industry in China came into being

As a technology intensive frontier, semiconductor display has made certain achievements and highlights in energy conservation and emission reduction. However, achieving "carbon peak and carbon neutral" is a long-term but necessary path for semiconductor display industry, and also a responsibility and responsibility of leading enterprises. Therefore, the release of the first China Semiconductor Display Industry Carbon Neutralization White Paper is of great significance.

The white paper takes the global carbon emission status and China's "double carbon" goal as the core, and conducts data calculation and characteristic analysis on the current carbon emission status according to the development status and industrial scale of China's semiconductor display industry; Deeply analyzed the implementation plan of carbon emission reduction in semiconductor display industry, especially in typical cases; Finally, based on the development trend of the industry, the white paper proposes strategies and paths for semiconductor display enterprises to achieve the goal of "double carbon" under the carbon neutral vision.

Through the release of the white paper, it is expected that the semiconductor display industry will have a deeper understanding and cognition of the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal. The achievement of the "double carbon" goal requires not only the strength of individual enterprises, but also the linkage between the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain to form a systematic and ecological green development model. The semiconductor display industry should strengthen the trend research and judgment, take advantage of the situation, further build an ecological industry supported by green and low-carbon, help the overall "carbon neutral", and create a better global future.