Breach! China's first equipment for quantum chip production was successfully developed

According to the Hefei Daily, the first MLLAS-100 laser annealer (hereinafter referred to as "laser annealer") dedicated to the production of quantum chips in China has been successfully developed.

The laser annealing instrument can solve the process instability factors when the number of quantum chips increases, accurately eliminate the "flaws" in quantum chips like a "scalpel", enhance the performance of quantum chips when expanding to multiple bits, and further improve the yield of quantum chips.

It is reported that the equipment is completely independently developed by Hefei Benyuan Quantum, which can achieve 100 nanometer level ultra-high positioning accuracy. It can perform local laser annealing on a single quantum bit in a quantum chip, so as to directionally control the frequency parameters of modified quantum bits, solve the problem of bit frequency congestion in multi bit expansion, and help the quantum chip expand to multi bit.

According to Professor Guo Guoping of University of Science and Technology of China, quantum computer is a national important tool with important strategic value. An important parameter representing the capability level of quantum computer is its quantum bit number. The higher the quantum bit number, the stronger its computing power.

Dr. Jia Zhilong, deputy director of Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, introduced that the laser annealing instrument has two laser annealing modes: positive and negative, which can flexibly adjust the key parameters of quantum bits in multi bit superconducting quantum chips during the production process. At the same time, the device can also be used in semiconductor integrated circuit chips, local surface modification of materials and other fields, and has been put into use in the first domestic quantum chip production line.