China's third-generation independent superconducting quantum chip "Wukong Chip" relea

On January 7th, according to the Anhui Key Laboratory of Quantum Computing Chips and the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, China's latest independently controllable superconducting quantum chip - "Wukong Chip" (Kuafu KF C72-300) was released.

It is reported that the quantum chip has been running on the recently released third-generation independent superconducting quantum computer "Honyuan Wukong" in China, which can achieve characteristics such as quantum superposition and entanglement. The release of this quantum chip marks the transition of China's independent superconducting quantum computer manufacturing capability from a small scale to a medium-sized stage.

"Wukong Chip" has 72 superconducting quantum bits, named after Sun Wukong's "72 Variations", symbolizing its powerful computing power and potential. Quantum computers equipped with this quantum chip have universal programmable capabilities, and users can use it to develop quantum computing applications.

"Wukong Chip" is a third-generation product of the Kuafu series quantum chip independently developed by Benyuan Quantum. The first generation of Kuafu 6-bit superconducting quantum chip KF C6-130 was successfully developed in 2020. In 2021, the second-generation Kuafu 24 bit superconducting quantum chip KF C24-100 was successfully developed.

Compared with the previous two generations of quantum chips, the third generation of quantum chips with quantum superconductivity has a higher coherence time and significant performance improvement. Dr. Jia Zhilong, Deputy Director of Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Quantum Computing Chips, introduced that the release of "Wukong Chip" and "Original Wukong" quantum computers is a new "entry ticket" for China's superconducting quantum computer manufacturing, which means that China's superconducting quantum computer manufacturing capacity has entered a medium-sized stage from a small scale, and has the ability to independently produce a certain scale of scalable quantum computer chips and systems.

The Wukong chip adopts a design scheme of 72 computational quantum bits, including 126 coupler quantum bits, with a total of 198 quantum bits. Its actual bit relaxation time T1 in operation is ≥ 15.3 μ s. Decoherence time T2 ≥ 2.25 μ S.

Dr. Kong Weicheng, Deputy Director of Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, stated that the "Original Wukong" quantum computer based on this quantum chip can issue and execute up to 200 quantum circuit computing tasks at once, thus having a greater speed advantage compared to international similar quantum computers that can only issue and execute a single quantum circuit at the same time.