OpenAI CEO: AI requires significant investment, but perhaps not $7 trillion

Recently, Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT developer OpenAI, publicly stated that AI chips require significant global investment, but perhaps not $7 trillion.

Altman emphasized: I think everyone underestimates the need for AI computing. As for how many wafer fabs are needed to meet these needs, Altman is not quite sure. He believes that the AI computing market is a different type of commodity. This is more like energy, with a certain amount of demand at a certain price, but less demand at higher prices.

Previously, media reports indicated that Altman is raising a total of $7 trillion from the Middle East to support OpenAI's semiconductor program and compete with Nvidia. Altman also suggested establishing cooperation between OpenAI, investors, chip manufacturers, and energy suppliers to jointly invest in building chip factories.

In response, Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun stated that ($7 trillion) is clearly able to buy all GPUs. If we assume that computers will not become faster, we may come to the conclusion that we need 14 planets, 3 galaxies, and 4 suns to fuel all of this. But computer architecture is still constantly improving.

In Huang Renxun's view, more efficient and low-cost chips will continue to emerge in the future, which will make large-scale investments of $7 trillion less necessary.