China and overseas semiconductor giants are traveling in both directions

On March 21st, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference, where a reporter asked questions about the semiconductor industry landscape.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce, He Yadong, stated at the meeting that the semiconductor industry is highly globalized and has developed for decades, forming an industrial pattern of "you have me, I have you". This is the result of the comprehensive effects of resource endowment and market laws.

China welcomes semiconductor manufacturers from various countries to invest in China

As one of the world's largest semiconductor markets, China's importance in the semiconductor industry supply chain is self-evident. At the same time, China also welcomes and supports the development of foreign enterprises in China.

He Yadong stated that China is committed to expanding high-level opening-up to the outside world and welcomes semiconductor companies from various countries to invest and cooperate in China, jointly contributing to the stable and healthy development of the global semiconductor industry chain.

In March 2023, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao stated during a meeting with Qualcomm President and CEO Anmeng, Apple CEO Cook, and Asma Global President Wen Ningke that China is steadfast in promoting high-level openness, steadily promoting institutional openness in rules, regulations, management, standards, and other areas, and is willing to provide a good environment and services for foreign-funded enterprises including Qualcomm, Apple, and Asma.

Recently, the General Office of the State Council has issued the "Action Plan for Solidly Promoting High level Opening up to the Outside World and Strengthening Attraction and Utilization of Foreign Investment", which clearly proposes to actively support foreign investment projects in fields such as integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, and high-end equipment to be included in the list of major and key foreign investment projects, and allow them to enjoy corresponding support policies.

Technology giants accelerating their deployment in China

In fact, under the strong signal stimulation of the Chinese market, many overseas technology giants have been using practical actions to accelerate their development and layout in China recently.

On March 22nd, Su Zifeng, Chairman and CEO of AMD Semiconductor, stated at the AMD AI PC Innovation Summit in Beijing that we have established an AI Excellence Center in China, responsible for the most important AI engineering and customer support, including developing next-generation algorithms and automotive AI solutions, and collaborating with Chinese universities and artificial intelligence companies to conduct big language model research.

In addition, Su Zifeng also made a commitment to the Greater China region, which is AMD's main research and development center and AI excellence center. AMD empowers Chinese super large enterprises and conducts joint research and development and ecological co construction.

On the same day (March 22), Apple CEO Cook also attended the opening ceremony of Apple's Shanghai Jing'an store. Regarding Apple's development in China, Cook recently stated, "I don't think there is anything more important about Apple's supply chain than China. In fact, over the past 30 years, we have been continuously expanding our supply chain in China and increasing investment.".

According to Apple's 2023 financial report, the company's revenue in Greater China accounted for approximately 1/5 of the company's total revenue for the year. It is worth mentioning that Apple announced on March 12th that it will expand its applied research laboratory in China to support product manufacturing, including enhancing the capabilities of its Shanghai research center and opening a new applied research laboratory in Shenzhen.

During meetings in Xi'an with Vice Governor Chen Chunjiang of Shaanxi Province, Standing Committee Member and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xi'an High tech Zone Ma Xianping, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xi'an High tech Zone Chen Hui, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Mark Murphy and other senior executives of Micron also stated that as an important leading enterprise in Shaanxi, Micron has always insisted on investing in China, rooted in China, and assisting local economic and industrial upgrading.